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Diamond Jubilee has a silver lining at East Lodge

Posted on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 10:49AM by
Feel like royalty with an Exclusively Yours 2012 wedding.

As 2011 comes to a close, multi award-winning hotel and restaurant East Lodge in Rowsley reports that its wedding diary is already filling up for 2013, but a limited number of special dates still remain available to book for 2012. With the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee all on the horizon, 2012 is going to be a signature year for the whole country and couples looking to mark their own momentous day with marriage in an auspicious year are considering the advantages of a venue like East Lodge.

In the Mayan calendar, 2012 is deeply significant as the end of a 13 year ’Venus Cycle’ most analysts say these cycles have been times of great change and momentous events in the past – or the start of a new era - so on a personal level, what could be more magnificent than your own magical marriage at East Lodge?

“While the gloom surrounding the economy continues, it has not dampened sprits for a 2012 wedding,” said East Lodge Deputy Managing Director Iain Hardman. “We have already had a brisk start to bookings, but perhaps surprisingly, several special dates, like Easter, and The Queen’s Jubilee weekend are still available.”

Weddings on key dates like Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and of course Bank Holidays’ have always proved enduringly popular. St Patrick’s Day in 2012 falls on a Saturday, making it perfect for a weekend wedding, but the ‘jewel in the crown’ date for next year has to be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

East Lodge has encountered many brides over the years who quite naturally, wish to have their wedding on that special signature date that has significance for them, or a date they believe resonates.

For Brides on the lookout for suitable dates in 2012, the Olympics are expected to commence in London on the weekend of the 27 July and looking further ahead, the 12 December (12.12.12) is also still available, albeit on a Wednesday. Another date that is attracting a great deal of interest is the 10th November next year as this will be a date not to be forgotten when anniversaries come along  “10-11-12.”

Weekends continue to be the popular dates for weddings, but choosing a midweek marriage can offer big advantages in terms of availability and costs - not just of superior venues like East Lodge which get booked up so fast, but also your preferred wedding suppliers – off peak weddings can prove to be a big help to people - particularly in uncertain economic times.

“Our advice is always for couples to call in and speak to us,” advised Iain. “There is no obligation – we like to let East Lodge speak for itself, but we can explain what Exclusively Yours really means and give couples the benefit of our advice. We are always keen not to impose our own ideas, but to make dreams reality, based on our experience. Mid week is a case in point. Many couples do not even consider this option, but it can, if the circumstances are right, deliver the perfect wedding.”

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